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A ground breaking event in the world of animal rescue.

I have stumbled upon some good news, of a rare occurrence, that is happening right now. Two animal rescue organizations based in the Santa Rosa area, are coming together to enhance their respective common goals of helping animals in need to live happy, loving and healthy lives.

Both organizations are IRS approved non-profit public charities that rescue animals who would otherwise be neglected, abused or simply abandoned. Without the noble efforts of the caring individuals that form these two groups, these animals would face the fate of many before them.

In light of the two groups’ common interests and goals, BrightHaven ( has invited Sadie’s Haven Horse Rescue and Sanctuary ( to bring its horses to share BrightHaven’s facility before the stormy weather ruins the grounds of their current residence in a Santa Rosa flood zone. The result will be a doubling of efforts to care for these fortunate animals in their charge. To get a true sense of the vision of the two groups, I encourage you to visit their web sites and take some time to become acquainted with their animal families - it is certainly a heartfelt pursuit that brings much happiness and joy to all involved. You can be a part of it too and experience the personal satisfaction of helping make the world a better place for all species.

BrightHaven, an organization that began in Southern California 20 years ago, is a Healing Arts Center , sanctuary and hospice for animals whose mission also includes a variety of important aspects. BrightHaven focuses on the rescue care and enhancement of the lives of senior and special needs animals, saving many from shelters in the San Francisco Bay Area. The organization offers education via seminars and consultations in a myriad of natural alternatives to conventional health care and also provides both hospice and sanctuary for a variety of animals in a loving family environment.

The purpose of Sadie’s Haven Horse Rescue and Sanctuary is to provide safe, loving and experienced care and shelter for equines who have been neglected, abused or abandoned. It also offers educational tours and provides day camp programs for the community, with special consideration for underprivileged children and teens. The Board of Directors has accumulated many years of experience in the skills necessary to properly care for elderly or special needs horses so they are able to live healthy and well-adjusted lives.

Both BrightHaven and Sadie’s Haven have encountered animals who are very old or have some physical or emotional disability. In current economic circumstances many of these cats, dogs or horses are being abandoned by their former owners. These animals are often found in compromised conditions, severely emaciated, or with chronic medical conditions, some of which are life-threatening. Once at BrightHaven or Sadie’s Haven most of these amazing creatures find the will to live and prosper and the bright light of hope returns to their eyes.

During this recession so many of our pets, whom we call family members, are being abandoned. Some are sadly being euthanized as there is no one left to care for them or, in the case of our equine friends, sent to slaughter. The animals from both groups are asking for your assistance in this absolutely necessary but absolutely joyous mission. These animals are totally dependent upon your generosity, to enable them to live out their live s i n peace and happiness. They have given so much - please give them a little back.

Donations, corporate sponsors, sponsorships for the animals and volunteers are all desperately needed to ensure the safety, security and well-being of these animals. I invite you to join this noble effort to save these poor defenseless ones and, by supporting this unique and ground-breaking example of help and cooperation, send a message for a new way forward.

We thank you for your generous support.

These horses in need appreciate any donation you can make.